Tours of the Wooden Elevators
A wooden grain elevator is rapidly becoming a rare site on the prairies. Two operating ones are even rarer and that is what Crystal City is fortunate to have. Paterson Grain is managed by Kris King, who is willing to have visitors. Please call first and if you see a long line-up of grain trucks there, it means they are too busy for company. Phone 873-2438
Lillian's Tea Room
This is a delightful little meeting place to drop in while touring the area. Freshly baked goodies send their welcoming aroma to greet you at the door. Lillian knows her clientele so well your tea or coffee often gets to your table before you sit down. Open Tuesday - Friday. This was once a 1927 Manitoba Telephone Office.
Crystal City Community Printing Museum
This designated Heritage Site Building is probably the oldest in town. As you walk through the door the wonderful smell of ink and oil from the old typesetting and printing machine fills your nostrils. You feel as if you could actually be back in 1881 when publisher Thomas Greenway and Co. issued their first "Rock Lake Herald". It is completely operational and tours are given upon request. You will find your visit here fascinating. Contacts: Jim Martin - 204- 873-2095; Mike Webber - 204-873-2374 or Bill Sandercock - 204-873-2659.
War Memorial
A granite obelisk in a park-like setting stands to remind us of the soldiers from this area who gave their lives for their country. The walkways and lawns bordered by flowers each summer surround the memorial stone. A World War I gun stands in the background. Every year, on November 11th, wreaths are laid as men, women, boys and girls gather, to be thankful and remember the sacrifices made on their behalf.
Parks and Gardens
"The Park" is centrally located near the business section of Crystal City. This large park has many beautiful big shade trees and a playground area for children. Several generations have enjoyed "The Four Horses Heads Swing". Seniors in Parkview Lodge, just across the street, enjoy walking in the park and watching the children play. Each December they feel part of the Santa Train Rides and parade and watch the lighting of the big Christmas tree and entire perimeter. A bonfire and hot chocolate are there for all to share to get into the Christmas spirit. Picnics, barbeques and family celebrations are frequent. Serviced camp sites invite visitors to stay awhile.

Centennial Park and Playground is located across from Crystal City Early Years School. It is used a great deal as the kindergarten children use it as their play place on school days.

Two small "pocket parks" in the business section of town have comfortable benches and beautiful flowers.

Crystal City Memorial Park was developed in 2007 / 2008 and is a nice addition to our town. Perennials and shrubs have been donated and identified in memory of relatives. A central, gently murmuring fountain and several benches upon which to sit and mediate create a peaceful atmosphere.

Parklane Theatre
Parklane Theatre opened in 1953 following the dismantling of the Royal Music Hall & Deluxe Theatre which had been on the same site. A section of the original building became part of the current Crystal City Community Hall. The theatre was well attended, especially Saturday nights, until the 70s. At present, some movies are shown, but mainly live productions occupy the stage. Manitoba Theatre Centre touring group, Actors Showcase, children's entertainment (including international star Fred Penner on three occasions) and Prairie Theatre Exchange visit. Rock Lake Festival of the Arts music festival highlights, concerts, school concerts and plays, Remembrance Day services and local musical productions such as Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and My Fair Lady fill the theatre. The manager and actors from M.T.C. claim that the Parklane Theatre has the best acoustics of all their touring stops.
Crystal City Walking Trail
A scenic walking / biking trail affords good exercise plus a time to commune quietly with nature. Wild flowers, ducks and geese and occasionally a wild coyote, deer, or beaver can be seen. The trail dips under an old Canadian Pacific Railway bridge, runs along beside Crystal Creek, then up a hill and back to town. A short side trail takes you up to a lovely old cemetery overlooking the water.
Thomas Greenway Cemetery
A second interesting walk, beginning just behind Rock Lake Hospital, takes one to a private cemetery on a hill overlooking a stream. This is the burial site of the Honourable Thomas Greenway, who became Premier of Manitoba in 1888 and later became the federal Lisgar Member of Parliament for Lisgar for four years. He also began the Rock Lake Herald Newspaper in 1881. These accomplishments pale however, beside his original success of being responsible for bringing more settlers to Manitoba than Lord Selkirk. A successful farmer in his own right, he always promoted agriculture and worked hard for improvements in that area. A plaque near the hospital honours him.
St. Andrew's Anglican Church
Those of the Anglican Faith in Crystal City worshipped in many different places until 1954 when a church building from north of Swan Lake was moved to its present site. This tiny church is a "must-see" on anyone's tour of town. Active for many years, it now holds at least one service yearly and as a Heritage Building, will be preserved for many generations. To tour the church, contact Shirley Mutch at 873-2192.
Crystal City Fellowship Center
A busy Fellowship Centre, run especially for and by seniors, has a convenient street level location midway along the business section of Crystal City. Card games, pool playing and fellowship happen year round. Others just enjoy borrowing a book to read. Fund raising projects, plus rental received from outside groups keep the doors open.
The Bell in the Park
This large bell no longer rings to mark 12 o'clock noon and 6:00 p.m. - "suppertime" as so many used to call it. It once proudly rang out from a tall tower on the 1903 United Church and also for a time from a tower on the 1899 Royal Music Hall where Parklane Theatre now stands. Its final resting place came in 1967 when mounted inside the front entrance to the park.
Star Mound School Museum
After only a 20-minute drive from Crystal City, you can step into the past in an 1886 completely restored one-room school house. It is located on a high mound-moraine left by the ice age. The panoramic view from this height itself is worth the drive. In the surrounding playground is an ancient native burial site formed in the shape of a beaver. Open dawn to dusk, late April to October, you may visit at will, or phone Joan Wheeler at 873-2600 for a tour or information. At dusk on July 1st, you can come out to watch an amazing display of fireworks, and enjoy a hot dog and snack.

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