Should the need arise that you need to dial 911, you can rest assured that the community of Crystal City has all the services required to take care of your emergency.
RCMP - Crystal City Satellite Detachment
Manitou Detachment is the host for the Crystal City Detachment and Swan Lake First Nations Community Policing Service. The detachment encompasses over 1125 square kilometres of land with a population of over 8,200. This 8-member RCMP unit offers community policing services , various crime prevention programs and is active in police-community relations. Crystal City Detachment is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00am to 4:00pm.
Ambulance Services
Rock Lake EMS is stationed out of Rock Lake Hospital and offers an Intermediate Care Paramedic III level of training. The ambulance is staffed in station Monday to Friday and "on-call" evenings, nights and weekends. Rock Lake EMS can be dispatched through 911.
Louise Emergency Services
Louise Emergency Services is a volunteer brigade of nearly 20 firefighters who are trained in Level 1 firefighting, hazardous material, vehicle extraction, snowmobile rescue, pump operations, First Aid & CPR, and search & rescue. The firehall is located on Broadway St. in downtown Crystal City.
RCMP Ambulance Fire Department